The Window of Lung Fields: Automatic Determination and Its Application in Chest Radiograph Processing

X. Xie, X. Li, J. Zhang, and Y. Gong (PRC)


window of ROI, image analysis, lung segmentation, active shape model, asymmetry detection


The concept - window of lung fields - is introduced in this paper. Definition and automatic calculation methods are also included. Using this concept, four applications are discussed: initial parameters setting of Active Shape Model (ASM) algorithm, a widely used algorithm in medical image analysis; auto focusing, which can be used in radiographic examination; asymmetry detection of lung fields and image compressing. All these applications are nice and easy provided that windowing technique is implemented, especially the automatic segmentation of lung fields: experiment results show that in most cases, only a few iteration steps are needed to find contours of lung fields. Other applications are also discussed and analyzed.

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