Wavelet Analysis of Velocity of Motion of Heart

J. Manivannan, M.R. Reddy, S. Thanikachalam, and R.A. Kumar (India)


Ultrasound imaging, Wavelet transform, Systolic dysfunction.


The assessment of left ventricular function is an essential component in the evaluation of patient with suspected heart disease. In particular detecting and characterizing the abnormalities in segmental wall motion function has become the hallmark of diagnosing coronary artery diseases because reduced motion correlates with ischemic muscle action. Most of the existing wall motion methods handle cumbersome data. Here we tried to assess the motion of the heart in frequency domain using wavelet transform. The velocity of motion of the centre of mass of the left ventricle was found out from each frame then wavelet transform were done using `db4' as mother wavelet up to fifth level decomposition. Then the wave energy, coefficient of variation and median absolute frequency were calculated from the coefficients and analysed among the various patients.

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