Two-Dimensional Blind Deconvolution of Medical Ultrasound Images

W.S. Yeoh and C. Zhang (Singapore)


Ultrasound imaging, deconvolution, cepstrum, wavelet transform


This paper uses a new ultrasound tissue model to propose an ultrasound image deconvolution algorithm for improving the quality of ultrasound images. This model incorporates random fluctuations of the tissue signal within the received ultrasound RF echo signal, which has not been considered in the existing ultrasound imaging algorithms. To deal with the tissue image formation and noise reduction problems, a two-dimensional (2-D) blind deconvolution algorithm is presented in which a nonorthogonal wavelet transform is designed to adaptively estimate the tissue response. The performance of the algorithm is evaluated based on realistic simulation. The deconvolved images can show significant improvement in both the signal-to-noise ratio and the contrast ratio.

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