Volume Reconstruction of Breast Echography from Anisotropically Degradated Scans

P. Soler, N. Villain, I. Bloch, and E.D. Angelini (France)


Breast imaging, ultrasound, reconstruction, spatial com pounding.


This paper presents a technique to reconstruct 3D breast ultrasound images at high resolution from anisotropically degradated volume acquisitions. Volumes are acquired by scanning the breast tissue with a 2D probe at different an gles, showing different directional degradations induced by the point spread functions. We present a new tech nique to reconstruct the original volume based on estimat ing the spatial degradation from orthogonal views, and re constructing the original volume through a regularized op timization technique. Results on synthetic and in vivo data show a better performance of this method in comparison to other spatial compounding techniques.

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