Experimental Results of an Optimization Approach to Two-Dimensional Time Domain Electromagnetic Inverse Problem with Application to Microwave Breast Tomography

P. Hashemzadeh, A. Fhager, L. Bääth, and M. Persson (Sweden)


FDTD, microwave imaging, optimization, reconstruction, breast cancer.


Microwave Imaging is an interesting tool and a growing research field in a number of applications. Compared to X--ray mammography there is potentially a significant benefit in using microwaves in the diagnosis of breast cancer tumors due to the high contrast in the dielectric properties between tumor and surrounding tissue. This paper is based on the first series of experimental results of a 2D iterative gradient algorithm based on the FDTD method (Finite Difference Time Domain method), which can be applied to microwave breast cancer imaging and possibly hip prosthesis dislocation.

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