Functional Design of the Micro Tactile Sensor for Tactile Mapping of Sliced Thin Tissues

Y. Murayama (Japan), C.E. Constantinou (USA), and S. Omata (Japan)


Tactile Mapping, Micro Tactile Sensor, touch sensor, Young's modulus, slice


In this study, we modified our previously developed MTS not only to measure elasticity with high sensitivity but also to detect the instant of contact. First, modal analysis of the MTS was undertaken using finite element analysis to find a frequency where longitudinal and rotating vibration modes exist. Second, the MTS oscillated using these two types of vibration, and its basic performance was assessed. Longitudinal and rotating vibrations performed with different sensitivities. Hence, the modified MTS could be used for both touch detection and elasticity measurement. Last, using the modified MTS, we developed Tactile Mapping technology and used it to obtain a contour image and topographical Young's modulus information for a slice of porcine heart with coronary artery.

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