A Mechanical Model for the Opening of the Human Female Urethra

M.B. Bush, C. Moron, L. Messner-Pellenc, P.E. Petros, and R. Millard (Australia)


Finite Element, Urethra, Modelling, Biomechanics


This paper describes improvements in a three-dimensional finite element model of the human female urethral tube. The preliminary model[1] took into account the composite structure of the tube, the internal fluid pressure, external constraints and external active opening forces. However, the representation of external boundary constraints and fluid-solid interaction was relative crude. An improved version of the model is presented in the current paper, in which boundary conditions are taken into account in a more realistic fashion. The predicted behaviour of the tube is compared with X-ray photographs of actual urethral tubes. It is shown that the model captures the key features of the opening process.

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