A Safety Assessment by Risk Analysis Method on Wheelchair Occupant in Side Impact

S.-M. Kim, S.-J. Kim, B.-C. Choi, T.-G. Kang, and M.-S. Moon (Korea)


Wheelchair, Side impact, Risk Analysis


In this study, for a safety assessment of wheelchair occupant in side impact, we used a dynamic sled impact test results. The test was carried out total 6 times and impact speed was 13g0.43/28km/h 0.95, By using EURO SID-1 dummy, head performance criteria(HPC), abdominal peak force, etc. were measured. We evaluated wheelchair occupant safety by motion criteria (MC) which was measured by head, trunk and side deformation change of wheelchair and Head & Neck injury criteria(HNIC) measured by using head and neck deformation angle and time relation. When we assumed that the maximum injury value in side impact was 100%, the results of motion criteria(MC) of wheelchair occupant were max 80.3, mim 32.3 and average 60.3%, Head & Neck injury criteria(HNIC) value were max 118.4, min 14.5 and average 59.7%.

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