Computerized Heart Sound Analysis

H. Tabesh and R. Shahghadami (Iran)


Phono Cardio Graph (PCG), Electro Cardio Graph (ECG), heart sounds, heart murmurs, valvular arrhythmia, frequency.


: Analyzing the heart sounds is a potential powerful tool in detecting valvular disorders. The paper presents a new innovative software to process real-time digital Phono Cardio Graph (PCG) signal and Electro Cardio Graph (ECG) signal in a personal computer. The software is capable to record, display, and process PCG&ECG signals with an alternative sample rate. Graphs of PCG, ECG, frequency amplitude, and frequency vs. time are displayed simultaneously on the computer screen. The heart sounds are analyzed in order to recognize any valvular arrhythmia. This scheme is a combination of techniques in signal acquisition, processing and visualization and is considered as a noninvasive measurement. According to the type, place, frequency, and amplitude of murmurs, the physician can discern probable diseases using a provided chart. All data can be used as a patient's record and is accessible for further studies or data exchange via computer networks. Other features of this software comprise: optional playing of the heart sounds, loading capability, and a training facility. The whole program is available on a CD-ROM.

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