A Novel Ultrasound based Automated Pulsatile Flow Detection Method for Resuscitation

B.I. Raju, E. Cohen-Solal, and S. Ayati (USA)


Ultrasound, Doppler, cardiac arrest, resuscitation, pulse detection.


Early defibrillation is critical for successful resuscitation of a sudden cardiac arrest patient. Defibrillators currently do not assess the patient's heartbeat or blood circulation and the responder has to manually check for the pulse, a procedure known to be very inaccurate. In this work an ultrasound Doppler based approach to determine the presence of blood flow in the context of resuscitation is proposed. A new pulsation index based on a spectral analysis of the Doppler signal is proposed for automated flow assessment. The method was demonstrated on data from pigs undergoing cardiac arrest and resuscitation.

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