Comparison of Pulse Wave Velocity Computed by Different Characteristic Points

G. Ning, J. Du, Y. Li, J. Lu, and X. Zheng (PRC)


Pulse wave velocity, Hypertension, Electrocardiogram, Plethysmogram


To determine which couple of characteristic points is proper for calculating pulse wave velocity (PWV), 10 sets of PWV based on various points of electrocardiogram (ECG) and plethysmogram (PPG) were obtained and analyzed. PWV values from 468 subjects were compared by mean deviations and their standard deviations in computation. Repeatability coefficient and correlation coefficient between different PWV values were computed. Meanwhile, correlations between PWV and age, blood pressure and low density lipoproteins cholesterol (LDL-C), etc. were analyzed to determine which set of PWV is sensitive to physiological parameters. The results show that PWV computation based on the R wave of ECG and the foot of PPG computed by maximum second derivation method (A1) and intersecting tangent method (A3) has the minimum deviation and best reproducibility. Also these two sets of PWV are closely related to clinical physiological parameters and exhibit the ability in distinguishing normotensive and hypertensive.

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