Determination of EEG Sleep Spindle Frequency with DFT and Matching Persuit Approaches

E.J. Huupponen, A.J. Saastamoinen, J.T. Virkkala, S.-L.J. Himanen, J. Hasan, and A.O. Värri (Finland


Sleep EEG, sleep spindles, DFT, Matching Pursuit


In the present work, sleep EEG of four healthy subjects was analyzed, containing a total of 3974 visually scored spindles. Frequency of each spindle was determinated with DFT and Matching Pursuit (MP) approaches. The es timated spindle frequencies were similar by the two ap proaches. Measures to quantify the dominance of spindle activity were developed. Results seem to indicate that there is one single dominant spindle activity component in about 90% of the spindles. In all these cases, it seems to be justified to use FFT and zero padding to resolve the spindle frequency more accurately than with no zero pad ding. In MP approach the frequency resolution can be se lected freely.

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