A Vestibular Diagnostic: Balance Platform

C. Warner (Australia), B. Lithgow, and B. Engstrom (Sweden)


Vestibular Diagnosis, Meniere's Disease, Balance.


: The control of balance is achieved mainly through the integration of information coming from the vestibular organs in each ear. The extent of its control is recognized when dysfunctions of the vestibular system occur. This is seen in the abrupt dizziness of Meniere's disease, which is related to the imbalance of input between the two vestibular systems [1]. To determine the deterioration of vestibular function or to demonstrate the efficacy of therapeutic or drug interventions on the vestibular system, a prototype method of the ongoing assessment of balance disorder was developed. The system uses a wavelet decomposition of a balance plate recording to find the frequency content of healthy and balance impaired subjects during a variety of balancing tasks. Two main frequency bands (3-9Hz and 11-16Hz) were observed as likely components reflecting vestibular health.

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