Development of New Algorithms for the Analysis of Acoustic Biomedical Signals

G. Várallyay, Jr., Z. Benyó, A. Illényi, and Z. Farkas (Hungary)


Acoustic analysis, biomedical signals, infant cry, andshort-time computation


This paper deals with the analysis of acoustic biomedical signals, especially the infant cry. A plenty of important information is comprehended in the infant cry (e.g. the mood of the baby, the condition of the organ of speech, other physiological parameters, etc.). As these factors are not severable in the reality, this information has to be treated together during the acoustical analysis. Authors judge it necessary to adopt algorithms from other fields of the acoustic technique (e.g. audio segmentation); to digitize former analogue methods of examination (e.g. noting down the melody of the cry); and to combine these techniques. This study summarizes the major procedures and parameters by the analysis of the infant cry.

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