A New ASK Demodulator for a Peripheral Nerve Stimulating System

I. Rezaee and A.M. Sodagar (Iran)


ASK Demodulator, Implantable PeripheralNerve Stimulating Systems, Telemetry-Powered Systems,CMOS Analog Circuits.


A new ASK demodulator is presented that is used in implantable peripheral nerve stimulating systems powered through an inductive link. In these systems the received signal, which is a carrier modulated with the incoming data, is used both for generating the system's power supply and transferring the data stream that is needed for the control of the system. The new demodulator uses two of the signals that are already available in the power generation block to demodulate the data. The circuit is designed for a typical 0.5m Standard N-Well CMOS process and occupies 65mx180m silicon area.

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