A Surgical Navigational Guidance System for Proximal Femoral Osteotomy

G. Wang, G. Zheng, U. Müller-Alsbach, A. Staubli, and L.-P. Nolte (Switzerland)


Computer-aided surgery, fluoroscopy, osteotomy, and navigational guidance


Proximal femoral osteotomy is a commonly accepted but technically demanding surgical procedure. Despite the recent developments in preoperative planning and simulation, it remains difficult in the clinical practice to translate the planned procedure to patient due to the lack of reliable intraoperative tools for verifying operative wedge size and functional parameters. A surgical navigational guidance system is therefore developed based on virtual fluoroscopic techniques aiming to provide surgeons with a novel intraoperative tool enabling the accurate implementation of planned surgical procedures and minimization of the risk of intraoperative complications.

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