Area Contact Dynamic Collision Detection for a Spatula Simulator

L.C. Brix, K.V. Hansen, J. Haase, and C.B. Madsen (Denmark)


Surgery Simulation, Dynamic Collision Detection, Area Based Contact, Brain Spatulas.


In this paper we introduce an algorithm for real-time area based dynamic collision detection and response between a flat instrument and a deformable object. Our problem is how to handle brain spatulas in a surgical simulator de signed for training the visio-haptic abilities of neurosur geons but the algorithm can also be useful in other similar simulators. The challenge of such an algorithm is that both the flat instrument and the soft object change dynamically during a single time-step. To handle this, the algorithm in troduces a division of the collision detection in two parts where one of the objects is considered static in each part. The results are promising and indicates that it is possible to make a simulator that can give the impression of interaction with a soft object using a flat, rigid instrument.

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