Self-Oscillator-Type High-Efficiency Wireless Energy Transmission System using Inductive Coupling for In Vivo Robotic Capsules

K.M. Song, J.H. Son, J.S. Hwang, M.H. Ryu, J.D. Kim, S. Baang, Y.U. Lee, and J.W. Kim (Korea)


Wireless energy transmission, class E amplifier, RFID, transcutaneous energy transmission, inductive link, in vivo robotic capsules.


This paper proposes a wireless energy transmission system for in vivo robotic capsules via 125 kHz radio frequency inductive coupling. We designed a transmitter with class E power amplifier to provide maximum power with high-efficiency. Through various types of material, this system transmitted up to 350 mW power stably within 5 cm distance.

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