Design of ARROW-B SPR Sensors in Aqueous Environment with the Spectral Shift Method

C.-H. Chen, S.-H. Hsu, Y.-T. Huang, and C.-M. Kwei (Taiwan)


waveguide sensor, surface plasmon resonance, antiresonant re ecting optical waveguides.


ARROW-B SPR sensors in aqueous environment with the spectral shift method have been investigated. Surface plas mons' propagation constant strongly depends on wave length. When a broadband light source is launched into the waveguide, the transmitted spectrum exhibits a narrow dip whose minimum is the resonance wavelength associ ated with the transfer of optical energy into surface plas mons. The resonance wavelength shift with the sensed refractive index variation is studied, and the device is de signed for aqueous environment application. The simula tion results show that a resolution of 1:0 10 6 can be achieved, which is suitable for highly sensitive chemical sensing and biomolecular interaction analysis.

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