Enhanced Platform with Rulebase ROM File System for the Network-based Intelligent Home Healthcare Embedded System

S. Tang, W.C. Chan, M.I. Vai, and P.U. Mak (PRC)


Embedded, expert system, intelligent, rom and file system


This article is the subsequent research process of our already built front-end platform for the network-based intelligent home healthcare system [1] which has elementarily established an ARM-cored structure embedded with Clinux system to integrate several kinds of medical measuring modules with our platform. And now the platform work cooperatively with all proposed and built units. The most characteristic point of this platform lies in the implementation of the embedded expert system on the hardware basis. This kind of feature allows those aged and/or long-time patients to get medical diagnosis and advices at home, and, at the same time makes doctors work more effectively and pertinently. And now we furthermore import a dedicated rom file system for the rulebase of the expert system. It completely separates the rulebase from the inference process and makes our expert system much more adaptive.

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