Innovative Cooperative Scheme of Novel RIS and PACS

L. Kolovou, G. Koutelakis, G. Mandellos, A. Darras, and D. Lymperopoulos (Greece)


:RIS, PACS, Healthcare Record, DICOM, HL7


:This paper describes an integrated cooperative scheme of innovative Radiology Information System (RIS) and Picture Archive and Communication System (PACS). The new architecture ensures the compatibility during the collaboration of the two systems, setting an interactive interface between them. New concepts are introduced and special mechanisms for transmission, translation and administration of information are applied, according to technical and communicational standards. Two basic components (Main Patient Catalogue and Translator) amplify the production of a dynamic and flexible interface between the two medical communication systems. Thus, the conditions for integrated and automated administration of patient's imaging exams are succeeded, from the request of it until the final format and delivery.

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