MAMIS – A Multi-Agent Medical Information System

J.M. Fonseca, A.D. Mora, and A.C. Marques (Portugal)


Medical Information Systems, Distributed Electronic Health Record, Multi-Agent Systems


Information technology has expanded enormously in the last decades affecting almost any field of activity. Healthcare industry couldn't be out of this technical revolution. However, despite the huge potential demonstrated by informatics for the improvement of the healthcare industry, changes are going slowly. The implantation of the Electronic Health Record of a patient creates in the near future the possibility of collecting a complete bioprofile of a patient that conveniently analyzed can improve significantly the healthcare services, reducing cost and improving efficiency and safety of the patients. In this paper, after identifying the main requirements for a modern Medical Information System, we present MAMIS a Multi-Agent Medical Information System. This system, inherently distributed, was designed with the goal of proving a solution for patient information search on a community of autonomous healthcare units and provide ubiquitous information access to physicians and healthcare professionals in a variety of situations.

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