Ontology based Holonic Diagnostic System (OHDS) for the Research and Control of Unknown Diseases

M. Hadzic (Australia), M. Ulieru (Canada), and E. Chang (Australia)


- Health care information systems, clinical assessment and patient diagnosis, biomedical computing, medical holarchy, generic human disease ontology, specific human disease ontology.


- This paper presents an Ontology-based Holonic Diagnostic System (OHDS) that combines the advantages of the holonic paradigm with multi-agent system technology and ontology design, in order to realize a highly reliable, adaptive, scalable, flexible, and robust diagnostic system for diseases. We propose to use ontologies as brain for the holonic diagnostic system to enhance its ability to structure information in a meaningful way and share information quickly. We believe such a technique is expected to become the norm once existing resources (e.g. Disease databases) will have become unlocked semantically through annotation with a shared ontology.

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