The Consultation Specialist System of PDA in Mobile based e-Hospital

Y.-C. Chen, H.-C. Chiu, and L. Liu (Taiwan)


Health Care Technology, Health Care Information Systems, SyncML, Wireless PDA


As the rapid development of the computer technology, a more convenient environment for the design of personal information system can be easily achieved. Several personalized applications have been widely deployed in a lot of categories. In this paper, we introduce the design of an experimental system, named as e-hospital, for the use in the hospital by using emerging mobile and computer technologies. In addition to making the retrieving of clinical information rapidly, the proposed system shortens the time used to read chart. And, therefore, can decrease the mistake of paper work and improve the hospital management so that the health-care quality can be guaranteed. The proposed system, which consists of several communication interface components, is with modular design. And in order to overcome the synchronization issue among these components, the SyncML mechanism is adopted to guarantee consistence of the data and content. The consistence shall also be achieved between the mobile devices and the hospital information system. By using the wireless network technology and environment, the mobile inquiry environment is constructed for the consultation of the specialist system. And the mobile devices (PDA) are applied to provide the emergency care of service for acute cerebral infarct. Currently, the developed system has been applied for field trial in a real hospital environment.

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