Integrating Radio Frequency Network and Information Technologies for Wireless Collection of Measured Physiological Data

N. Zdravkovic and A. Peulic (Serba and Montenegro)


Health Care Information System, Wireless, Inteligent Sensors, Patient Monitoring.


In this moment, measuring of physiological data is performed at hospitals or laboratories where patients are trapped with many electrodes attached on the body. Application of information technologies (IT) and wireless networking will liberate people from such confinement and enable continuous real time monitoring of physiological data, which is vital for medical care. To achieve this goal, it is necessary research and development on wearable intelligent sensor devices, sensor miniaturization, signal processing, wireless transmission, and databases for these vital data. Our goal is to design and construct a system that can be put into practical use and prove the benefits and potential of this vital data monitoring system. We describe an experimental system from which, we could evaluate the problems facing practical use.

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