Long-term Monitoring of Physical Activity Pattern in Pain Patients

A. Paraschiv-Ionescu, E.E. Buchser, B. Rutschmann, S. Codray, and K. Aminian (Switzerland)


Physical activity pattern, detrended fluctuation analysis, sample entropy, spinal cord stimulation.


The goal of this paper is to present a new device that allows for the long-term monitoring of ambulatory physical activity including the tools for the analysis and the assessment of various mobility-related parameters. Based on small autonomous sensing unit recorders the system allows unconstrained and continuous recording of the movements during daily activity. Periods of lying, sitting, standing and walking are first estimated. Subsequently, the long-range fluctuations of these activities are analyzed using nonlinear methods to identify specific patterns in time-series of activities. Using this methodology in chronic pain patients treated with spinal cord stimulation we found that pain relief is associated with a change in the temporal organization of the spontaneous physical activity.

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