A System for Real World Monitoring of Prostheses and Footwear

J. Barton (Ireland), C. Nester, J.Y. Goulermas, D. Howard (UK), F. Thorsteinsson (Iceland), M.Pepper, R. Fulford (UK), D. Shklarski (Israel), I. Murray (UK), J. Buurke, H. Bussman, and P.J. Slycke (The Netherlands)


Real-time, sensors, therapeutic footwear, data processing


The problem the EU sponsored Real-Prof project[1] seeks to address is that there is no means of scientifically monitoring the performance of therapeutic footwear and lower limb prostheses in the real world. This prevents the early detection of problems under the sole of the foot or on the stump which lead to ulceration, and potentially amputation. Also, clinicians prescribing the footwear or prosthesis and designers of these devices currently have no means of monitoring the performance of the device once fitted, which is a prerequisite for treatment improvements[2]. This paper details the progress in this project so far.

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