Muscle Activity during Ergometer Rowing

A. Panjkota and J. Musić (Croatia)


Rowing, muscle activity, EMG, 2D kinematics


This article takes upon basic principles of recording and defining intervals of muscle activity during rowing on rowing ergometer (Concept 2 model C). Recording was done on the sample of four rowers and for purpose of this work only three specific muscles were observed (Biceps Brachii, Vastus Medialis and Gastrocnemius Caput Mediale). In order to obtain which muscle has been active in particular rowing phase, 2D kinematics analysis of the rowing stroke in sagittal plane was done simultaneously. After EMG data aquisition we approached their processing, which included noise removing with the wavelet method and defining moments of muscle activity and inactivity on an average envelope of rectified signal using the threshold method.

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