Marker System for Visual Identification of Human Kinematics

T. Roncevic and V. Zanchi (Croatia)


Marker, visual identification, human kinematics, tracking


Until today different commercial systems in visual identification of human kinematics were developed, like VICON's Workstation, Ariel system or others. Principal problem relies in complicated structure and variable pose of human body resulting in an often self-occlusion of particular segments. Visual identification using markers placed on crucial positions of the body (like joints) for the specific motion observed is matter of many actual investigations. Tracking of markers is still a problem. Principal reasons are the occlusion of markers and noise introduced capturing video sequences of motion. In this paper we describe a low-cost system that reduces self occlusion and other errors in visual identification of human kinematics using markers. Also there is a brief description of the software "Marker Tracking" that was realized as the central part of this system. Testing showed that this software is reliable and accurate, depending only on the quality of the equipment used for video registration. Principal scope of this paper is to describe this system from the users point of view and to give introduction to the methods used in the software.

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