Low Side-step Kinematic Characteristics of Handball Goalkeeper

N. Rogulj and V. Papić (Croatia)


Biomechanics, handball, kinematic characteristic, motion analysis


In order to recognize kinematic characteristics of the basic defensive movements of the handball goalkeeper's modern defensive technique, video recording of the three dimensional movements in the situational conditions has been done. The demonstrator was a top quality first league goalkeeper, having top defensive movement technique. One of the basic movements that dominantly participate in goalkeeper's situational activity was analyzed: low side-step. The analysis of kinematical parameters was realized using the 3D movement acquisition system developed in the Laboratory for the Biomechanics, FESB, Split. Low side-step analysis, which is movement applied during the defense of low shots from longer distances, showed relatively low speed of the lower leg in the initial and medium phases of the movement performance. In the final phase, we can notice a rapid velocity increase, what is caused by lower leg extension and the contraction of the muscles of the frontal side of the thigh.

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