Model based Control for Drug Delivery Systems

P. Dua, V. Dua, and E.N. Pistikopoulos (UK)


Anesthesia, Mean Arterial Pressure, Cardiac Output, Diabetes, Blood Glucose, Parametric Control, Model Based Control,


In this paper model based control for two drug delivery systems is presented: (i) simultaneous control of mean arterial pressure (MAP), cardiac output (CO) and hypnosis for patients undergoing surgery under anesthesia and (ii) blood glucose control for type 1 diabetics. A compartmental model is presented for delivery of drugs under anesthesia. Advanced model based controllers are then derived for the simultaneous regulation of MAP, CO and bispectral index (BIS). For type 1 diabetics, optimal insulin delivery rate is obtained as an explicit function of the state of the patient by using parametric programming. This reduces the implementation of the model based controller to simple function evaluations.

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