Analog Multistable Flow-Controller for Portable Delivery Systems

T. Goettsche, H. Ernst, R. Gronmaier, M. Reichen, J. Kohnle, S. Messner, and H. Sandmaier


medical devices, micro-dosage, particle-tolerant, stand alone system


The development of a flow-controller that is adequate to be implemented as stand-alone component in a portable drug delivery system is presented in this paper. Changing the fluidic resistance of a variable flow restrictor in an analog multistable manner allows an energy optimized operation even in implantable systems. Working with unfiltered, particle contaminated liquid did not noticeably affect the dosing behavior. All parts in contact with the dosed media are implimented as low cost disposable parts obviating cleaning issues and facilitating product approval. The proposed disposable flow restrictor measures 6x6x2mm3 , the overall dimensions of the entire, geometrically not yet optimised system, including the actuation unit, measures 50x50x23mm3 , still providing room for the implementation of other components, e.g. a reservoir, into the same housing.

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