Modelling and Fuzzy Logic Control of DC-DC Converter for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell

M.S. Alam and M. Tanrioven (USA)


Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell, DC-DC converter,Fuzzy Logic Control


Fuel cell based power supply systems simply consist of stack, reformer and power conditioning unit. Power conditioning unit also includes DC-DC and DC-AC converters as well as filters. The stack generates variable DC voltage electrochemically using hydrogen, which is produced by reformer. The DC-DC converter, boost converter, converts variable DC voltage to a constant DC voltage, nominally 48 volts. This paper presents a simplified mathematical modeling of proton exchange membrane fuel cell and development of fuzzy logic control for DC-DC converter control. The control parameter used is the duty ratio of the PWM boost converter. The simulation result of fuzzy logic based DC DC converter control shows high performance and stability in controlling the average output voltage of the fuel cell for variable loads.

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