Nonlinear H Missile Control with Surface Inverse Algorithm

C.-C. Kung (Taiwan)


Control surface inverse algorithm; nonlinear H control; missile control.


The design of a nonlinear H velocity and body-rate control system for missile is described. The described system combines both nonlinear H commands (forces/moments in x, y, z axes) and control surface inverse algorithm (CSIA) enabling the regulation of the missile (velocity/ body rate) over a large flight envelope. The nonlinear H commands are calculated with respect to general six degree-of-freedom flight motions. CSIA is described ensuring the implementation of the nonlinear H commands. Simulation is used to test the performance and robustness of the design. A Six degree-of-Freedom missile model is coupled with the maximal possible wind gust with varying statistical characteristics in the closed loop. Test results demonstrate that the proposed system is robust ensuring consistent stability even in a severe air condition.

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