A Qualitative Simulator for Traffic Monitoring

T. Lopez, V. Ramón, and L.A. Garcia (Spain)


Traffic Behaviour Modelling, Simulation, Artificial Intelligence.


One of the main research tasks of the Intelligent Transport Systems is to real time flow traffic monitoring. This task turns out to be especially difficult in freeway traffic due to several reasons: huge coverage zones, scarce number of data capture stations with long time periods for data integration, big distances between these data capture stations and several traffic control centers and traffic administrations in charge of its management. In this paper a new freeway traffic simulator is proposed. The main features of this simulator are: 1) it is based on a deep model of the freeway traffic behavior; 2) its temporal knowledge base, TKB, contains all the relevant events that represent the traffic evolution; and 3) the qualitative tags and cognitive events stored in the TKB are suitable to be used as primitive traffic knowledge to be communicated between several traffic control centers. This simulator is being used as a central component of a system for real-time traffic monitoring with three execution modes: closest real time evolution, closest time strategy evolution and long time evolution.

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