Qualitative Analysis of the Influence of Horns on Ultrasonic Lobes

L.A. Rentería, J.P. Oria, M. Fernández, C. Rodríguez, and S. Robla (Spain)


Ultrasonic beam, horn, finite elements.


In this work a qualitative analysis of the influence of horns on ultrasonic beams is presented. The finite element method is employed to simulate the ultrasonic beams of a flat circular piston with several different horns. The results obtained have been compared with the experimental measurements carried out on two types of horn with different angles of aperture. By means of a horn with adequate geometric characteristics we can obtain a narrower and longer beam. In this way, the directivity and range of the lobe of a commercial ultrasonic sensor can be improved, which makes the method very useful in some applications.

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