Aspect-oriented Learning Objects

V. Pankratius (Germany)


learning objects, aspect-oriented programming


Learning Objects (LOs) have evolved as a means to orga nize, encapsulate, and exchange reusable granules of learn ing material between different e-learning systems. A com mon problem encountered in practical situations is that conceptually coherent learning material may be distributed across several LOs, a problem which may originate in the way the material is decomposed into LOs. From a mainte nance perspective, modifications and updates of such ma terial are tedious and expensive, since modifications may have to be done in various locations in several LOs. This paper proposes to remedy this problem by using solutions already established in the area of Aspect-Oriented Pro gramming (AOP). Furthermore, it is shown from a reengi neering perspective how crosscutting concerns of LOs can be modularized as aspects and how aspects can be linked with LOs using XQUERY.

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