An Easy Way to Integrate SCORM Compliancy into Component based Learning Management Systems

P. Bauler, F. Feltz, N. Médoc, and W. Vandenberghe (Luxembourg)


e-Learning, Learning Objects, Architecture, Standards, SCORM, Open-Source


This paper presents a general architecture on how to integrate SCORM compliancy into a component based Learning Management System (LMS), by partially reusing existing ADL libraries. It also explains how the ADL specifications influence the design choices and it illustrates the final architecture in a practical example by describing the integration of the SCORM component into OpenUSS. Key characteristics of this architecture are its modularity and its readiness to support new versions of the SCORM reference model with the possibility to integrate adaptive e-Learning techniques at a later time. This new architecture was designed and implemented in the context of a research project realised at the Centre de Recherche Public Gabriel Lippmann.

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