Reusable Learning Objects as Key Factor on AHKME e-Learning Platform

H.M.G. Rego, T.H.R.S.L. Moreira, and F.J.G. Peñalvo (Spain)


e-Learning, adaptability, knowledge management, IMS, platform


AKHME's aim is to provide a system with adaptive characteristics and knowledge management abilities for students and teachers. The system provides authoring tools for teachers to define learning methods with adaptive characteristics, as well as tools to create units of learning. The platform through a knowledge management sub-system provides retrieval and both collaborative and automatic evaluation of learning objects, what enables students to use quality educational contents that fit their necessities, previous knowledge and learning styles, and teachers have the possibility of using and retrieving quality educational contents to structure their courses, reusing the learning objects already existent. The objective of AKHME is to be an open tool independent from the knowledge domain, type of users, differentiating educational contents and the learning process. In order to reach this goal, guaranteeing interoperability and reusability of all educational elements, the system structures the semantic elements through the IMS specifications.

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