The "Bildungsportal Thüringen" – A Contribution to the Transparency of eLearning

H.-D. Wuttke and K. Schmidt (Germany)


Educational Portals for Web-based Education, Metadata specifications and standards for reusable learning objects.


The topic eLearning is taking on an increasingly important role in the discussion about modern teaching and learning methods. New technologies and in particular the Internet open many new opportunities for us, but in many cases these have not yet been exhausted. For example the management of large amounts of information and the provision of eLearning show that many demands remain to be met. The "Bildungsportal Thringen", a pilot project of Thuringian Universities, aims through their systematic development of eLearning and offers to build a customer orientated infrastructure for further education and training. This is achieved on the one hand through the compilation and publication of information concerning available learning opportunities and how they are marketed on the Internet and on the other hand through combining the capabilities of universities and supporting their co-operation through workshops and combined projects.

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