'Authoring Once, Delivering Many': Creating Reusable Adaptive Courseware

C. Stewart (UK), A. Cristea (The Netherlands), T. Brailsford, and H. Ashman (UK)


Adaptive Hypermedia, Authoring, Interoperability, MOT and WHURLE


This paper addresses the issue of creating reusable adaptive courseware from the point of view of the author (teacher or instructor). We illustrate the idea of reusability under the motto "Authoring Once, Delivering Many" by showing the conversion process from a generic authoring system, MOT (My Online Teacher), to a different delivery system, WHURLE. This exercise is but one in a series of interfacing exercises, through which we try, step by step, to come closer to the goal of being able to reuse adaptive educational material, once created, on any adaptive delivery platform desired. The focus here is less on the technical aspects of the interfacing, as on the reduction of authoring burden, on one side, and on the maintenance of a certain level of pedagogical flexibility during the conversion, on the other.

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