Adaptive Educational Technologies in Virtual University

I. Galeev, O. Kolosov, and A. Filyaev (Russia)


Integrated learning environment, Intelligent tutoring system, electronic textbook, overlay model of learner's skills, overlay model of learner's knowledge, adaptation.


Problems of building adaptive, partially integrated learning environments for virtual universities are set out in this paper. Composition and functions of tools for virtual universities support are analyzed. The paper is concerned with a standard structure of the electronic textbook included into the environment. The new kernel of virtual university is an intelligent tutoring system, designed with the aid of software tools of MONAP family in which principles of algorithmization in teaching and learning have been realized. Relevant for the learner educational material, represented in ET, is determined at every training step on the basis of the tutorial problem solution results. The learner is offered to study first of all the pages, which were worse mastered.

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