Non-Linear Course Structure in Learning in Digital TV

P.J. Aarreniemi-Jokipelto (Finland)


T-learning, digital TV, non-linear, learning process


- The Industrial IT Laboratory (INIT) of Helsinki University of Technology (HUT) has conducted research in the use of digital TV as a learning environment for University courses since 2001. Digital TV has been used in learning to some extent but the use of Multimedia Home Platform (MHP) in the learning process is a genuinely novel approach. Starting in autumn 2002, HUT has conducted trials using an experimental environment where students have had the opportunity to study one module of the course "Local Demands for Global Enterprising" via digital TV. On January 12, 2004 a pilot group started with the Local Demands for Global Enterprising course over cable network Digital TV, which enables the entire learning process to be conducted via Digital TV. In this paper, we report the results of using a non-linear course structure to improve the learning process in an MHP based learning environment in digital TV.

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