Higher Education for People on the Move – Planning a Career While Roaming Around the World

B. Ask and H. Haugen (Norway)


Net based learning, Quality assurance systems, peda gogical issues, study programmes


Certain groups of potential students will not for various reasons - have the opportunity to enrol as full time, campus students. They may still want to plan for a career that meets their own goals in life, perhaps after their present occupation is over. Or the may want to qualify for a new or better position within their present profession. How can learning environments and study programmes be prepared to a satisfactory level? Experiences and research on net based and flexible studies varies with respect to quality, effects and results. Some reports are very positive. On the other hand, several research papers and articles claim that on-line learning, off-campus, is inferior to traditional university studies, face-to-face lectures and tutoring, for on-campus students. This paper suggests some solutions to the problems and presents a couple of study programmes at master level that seem to function well and meet existing demands.

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