Web-based Support for Constructive Alignment

W. Yip (PRC)


Constructive Alignment, Collaborative Learning, andAdvanced Technology in Education


Institutions of higher education are becoming more concerned with the learning outcomes of their students. New teaching and learning activities are adopted to achieve the intended outcomes and assessment methods are designed to measure the students' learning effectiveness. This paper reports the teaching of Information Systems Analysis, starting on September 2003, through the Constructive Alignment approach with a Web-based system support. It discusses the constructive alignment model that was adopted and indicates how the Web-based system can support various teaching and learning activities and tasks of assessment in order to achieve the intended learning outcomes. The use of technological advances to support learning and teaching may benefit both teachers and students. Some functions of the system include facilitating the formation of teams for projects; entering grades for students to review which automatically enter the data into a spreadsheet; extra communication facilities with forum discussions and video-conferencing, peer evaluations of team members with individual results for reflection and assessment; an individual log on the work submitted by every student for cross checking with peer evaluations; and monitoring the work-progress of each team. The system is user-friendly. It aims to encourage collaborative learning through the sharing of resources, and to enhance communication among students.

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