Corporate E-Learning: Effects on the Work-Life Balance and Quality of Life of Employees

T. Bandopadhyay and P. Kumar (India)


E-learning, E-training, corporate e learning, e-learning stress, work-life balance


Corporate E-learning, primarily conceived from the employers' perspectives, has various benefits e.g. increase in knowledge, efficiency, productivity of employees, ease of implementation of e-learning programmes on the existing IT infrastructure e.g. intranets, time-flexible learning, cost-saving etc. But, from employee's perspective, who are already burdened with work pressure, performance-competition, stress and time starvation, is not e-learning affecting an already heavily imbalanced work-life? Addressing this issue, this paper introductorily develops an interesting motivational pyramid of e-learning and then discusses on how the existing corporate e-learning framework can adversely affect the work-life balance and cause more stress. Ultimately it proposes a modified framework with more emphasis on blended learning approaches and experiential learning and flexible, user-configurable tools and technology support environment. Then the workable implementation ways to enable the suggested framework is also outlined which can be further expanded in terms of more innovative approaches and technology applications.

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