CyberSurvivor: Motivational Factors at Work in a Game Played with Adult Learners Over the Internet

L. van Ryneveld (South Africa)


Motivation, Games, Adult learners, and Online learning


The CyberSurvivor study deals with the motivational aspects involved in teaching adult learners online by means of the metaphor of a game such as Survivor. One of the modules of a Masters programme in Computer integrated Education was presented by mirroring the characteristic elements of the game in Cyberspace. Learners were divided into tribes and had to complete learning activities in the form of tribal and individual assignments, and immunity and reward challenges. They voted members off from the tribes (the collaborative learning groups) and competed for the grand prize that was promised to go to the sole remaining `CyberSurvivor' at the end of the course. This paper identifies some of the motivational factors at work in this environment by revealing some anecdotes mined from the course.

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