Teaching Computational Fluid Dynamics via Internet

M. Juraeva, E.G. Ivanov, and D.J. Song (Korea)


Preprocessor, postprocessor, solver, GUI, grid generation, CFD


The preprocessor - solver - postprocessor software for 2D/Axisymmetric CSCM Upwind Flux Difference Splitting Navier-Stokes code has been developed for undergraduate educational purposes. This computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software allows students to setup, solve, visualize and control dynamically the server for their own fluid problems via the Internet. The preprocessor is capable of generating geometry, grid, initial solution data and required solver control parameters. The postprocessor shows vector plot and contour plot with different options while residual plot shows root-mean-square (RMS) error history graphically and retrieves the data from the solver interactively. Special features of the software are grid generation and the solver part which is based on a combination of the MFC/Visual C++ application and FORTRAN 77 code. To extend the ability and accessibility of the software by a group of users it is necessary to use network access and a powerful solver computer (server). Many users can access the solver via the Internet from client computers and solve desired problems using locally installed pre- and postprocessor and the remote powerful solver part.

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