Web-based Experimentation in Flexible Education: Technological Challenges and Deployment Methodologies

D. Gillet (Switzerland)


Collaborative Systems, Distance Learning, Human computer Interfaces, Quality of Service, Interaction, Teleoperation


The introduction of information and communication technologies in education in general, and of Web-based experimentation solutions in engineering education in particular, presents many challenges. This paper describes the current situation according to the institutional, educational and technological objectives. The aim is to outline a way toward enhanced functionalities of the learning resources and expended opportunities in flexible higher education. In the flexible scheme considered here, the students can freely chose between a distance (Web based) and a traditional (on-campus) access to learning resources and support. The proposed eMersion learning environment has been designed and assess to ensure that it sustains this bimodality by bringing the necessary added value for knowledge and know-how appropriation by students.

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