A Generic Data Model and a Supporting Server Architecture for the Mobile Memory Aid System

A. Voinikonis (Germany)


generic data model, server architecture, telemedicine


The execution of some tasks is vitally important for patients with memory deficits and must be controlled externally by their caregivers who are also burdened with additional duties. The Web based Mobile Memory Aid System MEMOS1 was developed to help the patients and to relieve the caregivers. It consists of a server assisting caregivers by generation of complex reminder tasks and patients' mobile devices running these tasks. A task domain can be hardly defined in advance completely. Alteration of the therapy methods during evaluation can induce the modification of a task model. The article introduces a generic data model for the server side allowing dynamic extension of the task domain and providing a mechanism for simple adaptation of required modifications. The introduced data model significantly influences a server architecture covered by the article.

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